Don't Start a Podcast Someday...PodNow!

The Equipment You Want

Goodbye crackles, hisses, and "underwater mic syndrome." Our state of the art studio has everything you need to achieve audio perfection.

The Support You Deserve

No more sweating the technical stuff. Our dedicated team of experts include engineers, production/editing, hosting, and more!

The Reach You Need

Distributing your podcast, made simple! We will even provide you with marketing tools to grow your audience.

Years of Experience

We've helped dozens of hosts create successful shows. Check out the ever growing list of Podcasts on PodNow!

World Class Support

PodNow offers best in class recording space, professional producers/engineers, distribution and branding for your podcasts.

Ready to Get Started?

Opportunities with PodNow begin at $1,000*

Call us at 425-653-1150 or fill out the form below.

Listen to more details about PodNow in the podcast episode above!

Don't start a podcast someday... PodNow!



*The $1,000 is based on a minimum of 10 podcasts. Actual investment will vary based on the services provided by PodNow.

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